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  • INTERVIEW 07/12/2016

    Gleb Alexandrov, lighting enthusiast and founder of Creative Shrimp, shares his immersive images and advice for artists stepping out into the online world...

    SNEAK PEEK! 07/12/2016

    2dartist issue 131 is out now, featuring detailed tutorials, interviews with awesome artists, plenty of inspiring images– and more!

    FEATURE 06/12/2016

    YellowDog discuss their revolutionary render-farm technology, utilizing excess computing power to create a supercomputer to render for everyone from studios to freelancers...

    INTERVIEW 06/12/2016

    Lemonade3d studio head and lead designer Milivoj Popovic unveils the successful workflow behind his award-winning artworks and animations...

    INSPIRATION 05/12/2016

    Featuring top plugins, texturing and sculpting tips and hardware reviews, check out the top articles from 3dtotal in the last three months...

  • KICKSTARTER 05/12/2016

    Not long left on the new anatomy Kickstarter! Check out the adaptable male figure, planar busts, and reference book before the campaign ends!

    FREE TUTORIAL 05/12/2016

    In part five of the Know the Basics: Maya 2017 series, Paul Hatton delves into the world of animating...

    NEW TITLE! 05/12/2016

    Masters of Sketching is here! Discover the workflow and thought processes of twenty incredible artists in this stunning new book.

    INTERVIEW 02/12/2016

    "Wonder Woman" 3D generalist Babak Bina applies his experience to his workflow, divulging his techniques and inspirations in our latest interview...

    FREE TUTORIAL 01/12/2016

    Sebastian Kowoll shares his painting process, from thumbnails and 3D sketching, to painting and bringing it all together in Photoshop

  • INTERVIEW 01/12/2016

    Hungarian CG artist Alexandra Magócsi talks in depth about transitioning from a fine arts background into digital...

    FREE TUTORIAL 30/11/2016

    Alexander Guillen Brox reveals techniques to create a textured cyberpunk car

    INSPIRATION 29/11/2016

    New and established artists alike are always looking to their peers – check out the most popular interviews on 3dtotal from the last 3 months...

    INTERVIEW 29/11/2016

    We chat to Teodoru Badiu about his instantly recognizable creations, his 3D process, and his abiding love for toys and cartoons...

    INTERVIEW 28/11/2016

    Ambitious 3D character artist from Brazil Erik Silva uses a range of software and plug-ins to create his artworks – check out his methods and inspirations...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

7th December 2016

Here are the winners for the Humster3D Car Render Challenge.

7th December 2016

Tippett Studio have posted their latest VFX showreel.

7th December 2016

The Wargaming CG team have put together this cinematic reel.

6th December 2016

Black have created these CG cinematics for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

7th December 2016

Here are the 20 films currently in the running for the Visual Effects category for the 89th Academy Awards.

6th December 2016

Take a look at the resumable rendering, an upcoming feature in V-Ray 3.5.

6th December 2016

AnimaThings presents Reindeer. The friendly node based Render Manager and Scene Automator for 3dsMax.

5th December 2016

Storz & Escherich have posted a VFX breakdown of their BMW M commercial.

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